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Perfect Plumes: Online Class Oct 22, 2020

Lisa H Calle

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Perfect Plumes: Online Class  Oct 22, 2020

Feathers… don’t let the “idea” of their complexity keep you from taking your quilting up a notch.  Learn how you can take your quilting up to the next level as you incorporate feathers, in various shapes and sizes into your next design.  With Lisa’s love of feather’s she will unravel the mystery and put all your feathering fears to rest.  Step by Step Lisa will take the idea of their complexity and enlighten you with the true simplicity of applying such elegance and beauty to your next quilt.  After this class want to create a quilt that soars with pride and self-accomplishment!

Class is 10am-1pm EST  : Drawing Class 

This class includes access to the prerecorded online class!  

You will need a phone, tablet or computer set up so I can see what you are drawing.  

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