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Online Classes

Virtual Quilt Classes:

3 Day Virtual Design Retreat!  $225

Sept 8,9 and 10th from 10-3 EST 

Register here to save your spot.

Yes, you heard correctly!  I am going virtual! Join me for this wonderful 3 day design retreat.  What is a design retreat you ask?  Well... first off, you will be working in your own studio! Second, you get to work on any quilt top you like.  Third, you will receive expert help from myself as well as the rest of the students!  Doesn't this sound like something you can't miss out on? 

Day 1 we will work on designing the quilting for your top!  Day 2, we will work on finishing the design and get started quilting.  Day 3 will be quilting!  Now... I am super flexible.... this is your design retreat... if you don't want to do any quilting and would prefer to work on designing for 3 different quilt tops ... this works too. 

Day 3:  I pull all the students individually into a separate chat room for some one on one time!  


3 Day Feather Bootcamp!  $225

Aug 24-26 10a-1p EST Click here to save your spot! 

Dec 8-10 10a-1p EST: Click here to save your spot! 

This is the first time I have held a feather bootcamp and I am so excited! We will learn to draw and stitch numerous different types of feathers.  This is a great beginner class!  So if you have ever wanted to learn how to do feathers this is the class for you!  You will need a phone, tablet or computer set up so I can see what you are drawing. 
 Limited spots available! 


Rulers for Rookies: 1 day $175

Sept 23 10am-1pm EST: Click here to register

So you’re not ready for the MajorLeagues when it comes to working with rulers, no worries.  Join Lisa in Rulers for Rookies and be ready for three full hours of ruler action.  This class is a comprehensive hands on class incorporating not only straight edges and circles BUT some of the other Quilter’s Groove Rulers as well.  Regardless of whether you’ve never touched a ruler, or feel that your skills could use a little coaching this class is for you! Lisa will coach her team of  “temporary” Rookies to victory while working on the Ohio star quilt block panel.  She will have you pushing those days of feeling like a Rookie aside and have you ready for the Pros!

You will need a phone, ipad or computer set up so I can view your sewing area.  You can do this either on the longarm or domestic.  I will show both.  This class includes the kit which you get at a 20% discount!  

 Rulers for Rookies 2: 1 day $185

Dec 5 12p-3p EST : Click here to register

So you’re not quite the rookie, you've done Rulers for Rookies 1…. time to take the next step! Join Lisa as she guides you through quilting this beautiful custom designed panel. You’ll use 5 perfectly chosen Quilter’s Groove Rulers  for the job, one being Lisa’s personal favorite! Whether you are on a domestic machine or a Longarm, this is a comprehensive hands on class that will have you feeling like a pro.

Rulers for Rookies Double Play $345

Nov 17-18 10a-1p EST: Click here to register!

This is a 2 day ruler class where you will receive both the Ruler for Rookies and Rulers for Rookies: The Next Step Kit!  You will only have to provide the batting and backing!  

If you've never used rulers before or are just getting started.... this is the package for you.  

Perfect Plumes $80  

 Oct 22 10a-1p EST : Click here to register

This is a drawing class. 

Feathers… don’t let the “idea” of their complexity keep you from taking your quilting up a notch.  Learn how you can take your quilting up to the next level as you incorporate feathers, in various shapes and sizes into your next design.  With Lisa’s love of feather’s she will unravel the mystery and put all your feathering fears to rest.  Step by Step Lisa will take the idea of their complexity and enlighten you with the true simplicity of applying such elegance and beauty to your next quilt.  After this class want to create a quilt that soars with pride and self-accomplishment!

This class includes access to the prerecorded online class. 

You will need a phone, tablet, or computer set up so I can see you drawing . 

 Pebbles, Echoes, Crosshatches, Oh My!  $80

Nov 4 10a-1p EST:  Click here to save your spot! 

This class can be done either actually sewing or just drawing!  This is the beauty of having a virtual class, you get to choose!  

Pebbles, Echoes, Crosshatches…oh my!! They all so amazing BUT which one will make your quilt look amazing? Fills are a beautiful thing to waste and so is your time deciding which one to incorporate into your piece of art.  During this Hands On class you will get the opportunity dive into world of fills and gain the insight needed to select just the right fill for your design. Lisa will provide you with the knowledge on how to choose the correct scale for the fill and the correct thread for your piece; ultimately giving you the power to place amazing fills on your quilt.   The idea of Pebbles, Echoes, and Crosshatches will no longer be “Oh My”,  we assure you it will be “Oh Yeah”!  



Lisa’s first zoom training was even better than I imagined it would be. And I was very eager for the class. Even with occasional techno hiccups, I got a lot of personal attention with my design, and it seemed like everyone else did too. We got so much accomplished, and still it went by so fast, I was sad when it was over.  Maisie, Virginia

Lisa provided direct instruction with this online class. I was able to benefit from her expertise and implement her techniques in my quilt. She also gives her students the freedom to create their own individual designs. Lisa afforded me the opportunity to challenge myself and finally work up the courage to complete an intense design. Thank you so much and I look forward to accessing her expertise in the future.  Jennifer

Lisa's Classroom:  

Rulers for Rookies and Rulers for Rookies: the Next Step are two great ways to learn rulerwork on either your domestic or longarm in the comfort of your home.    Or how about a feathers class.... Perfect Plumes.  A little quilt entertainment..... Ain't no Junk in Lisa H Calle's trunk

Check out the Downloadable DVD's for Divide and Design and Mastering the Mini!  

Private Classes!

Do you have a project that you have no idea how to quilt and want private instruction? yep, I'm game!

Are you struggling with ruler work??? I can help there too,

Feathers got you down? I can help you on your way to master those beautiful beauties! 

Have another idea?? I am all ears! 


1 student $300 per day (up to 5 hours)

2-4 students $250 per day (up to 5 hours)  

4 person max

Tuition does not include travel or lodging.

A $100 deposit is required to hold dates. 

IQuilt Classes: 

These classes are brought to you by AQS! 

 Looking to eliminate the stand and stare method of quilting.  Divide and Design will change the way you look and design for your quilts. 

Mastering the Mini, Wholecloth that is!  will teach you how to design a miniature wholecloth with no measuring.  The concept transfers to larger quilts as well.