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Online Design Retreat!   3 days  Sept 8, 9 and 10

Online Design Retreat! 3 days Sept 8, 9 and 10

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The first class filled up so quickly and I know a lot of you couldn't make those dates.  So here are the next dates for a virtual class. 


 I am going virtual! Join me for this wonderful 3 day design retreat.  What is a design retreat you ask?  Well... first off, you will be working in your own studio! Second, you get to work on any quilt top you like.  Third, you will receive expert help from myself as well as the rest of the students!  Doesn't this sound like something you can't miss out on?  


Pick a quilt top that is already completed! A smaller project might be best for this class.  If you need a top... consider making What comes around, goes around Take a picture of the top and print it off!  Try and get the whole quilt.  

Day 1:  We will work on the quilting design together using my Divide and Design technique.  I like to have a complete plan before I move over to my machine to quilt. 

Day 2: We will finish up the design work and get our quilt loaded so we can begin our quilting. We will discuss thread and batting choices. 

Day 3: We will continue our quilting.

I will be doing demos a couple times a day, so if you have any requests just let me know.  I will be working on a show quilt that I started years ago.... I need to finish preparing the applique.

We will be using the Zoom platform for class.  So throughout the day... I will ask that you have your setting set to mute.... if you have a question, just unmute and call me over and I will help you out!  

I am so excited that you have decided to join me on this new journey!  


What you need:

1. cell phone, ipad or computer with a camera                                                                    2.  tripod to hold the phone or ipad... or something to hold the computer so it is pointing to what you are working on.                                                                                    3. Quilt top to work on                                                                                                            4. internet access