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Heirloom Quilting Academy

Heirloom Quilting Academy
The Proven Step by Step Method Of Designing for your Quilt Top!
In this course you will go from feeling indecisive and paralyzed to feeling
confident and free, experiencing the great satisfaction of knowing your design plan is perfect for your quilt top!

Before I tell you about this incredible program.
Let’s talk about who this is really for….
Are you a quilter that is paralyzed when it comes to quilting a top with a lot of open space and you would like an easier way to get past your analysis paralysis!
Whether you are:
…. An experienced quilter that is looking for a different way of designing so your tops take on a fresh new look.
…... a career quilter that would like to come up with a game plan for the quilting before you resort to the stand and start method.
…... a confident beginner that needs some guidance on how to design the quilting for your tops.

You are in the right place!