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  • Longarm Design Expert, Online course creator

    Hi I’m Lisa!

    I've been at this quilting thang for about 20 years and I can still remember the day I took delivery of my first longarm quilting machine. I was thrilled and terrified all at the same time. This was well before YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and online classes.

    My goal is to help you overcome the obstacles that took me years to overcome to be successful in a fraction of the time. There are a couple different ways to work with me. Check them all out and see what works best for you.

    I'm excited to be a part of your quilting journey!

  • Quilter's Groove TRIBE

    Each Month a new lesson is added to the resource library so that when you are looking for inspiration or a certain technique... it's all in one place!

    Only $24.97/month
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  • How do I quilt this?

    Every Wednesday a new short video is available of me designing for a quilt that a member has sent in.

    Only $9/month
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  • Longarm Business Building Summit!

    Have business or are thinking of starting one? Once you have completed the Business summit, you are invited to join Quilter's Groove Business Builders membership to cover everything you need for your business.

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  • Quilter's Groove Design Academy

    Learn my signature style of quilting in this indepth 10 week class.

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  • Individual Classes

    The classroom houses a variety of classes from Borders to Feathers!

    Check them all out!

  • Looking to Start a Business or Already have one?

    We cover pricing both all over and custom work as well as talk about the importance of customer connections.

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