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 What's inside! 

Weekly “Design Decision Dilemma”

Every week a new video drops of me designing for one of our members tops!  So make sure you submit yours just send a picture of your quilt (as flat and square as possible to lisahcalle@me.com)  

These videos are great as they are anywhere form 5-15 minutes. 

If you are someone who is always wondering what to quilt on your top, this is a huge library of ideas!   

Here is a sample one of the videos. 


Monthly Quilting Masterclass

Each month you receive a new masterclass teaching a quilting technique that will help you take your quilting skills to the next level. 

My masterclasses cover a wide range of approaches and styles to help you develop your skills and discover new ways to express your creativity.

To make sure you get the most out of each class, I send them out in a mix of formats:

  • Step-by-step videos that allow you to follow along 
  • Detailed PDFs that provide written instructions, diagrams, and photos to guide you through the process
  • Checklists and cheat sheets to help you master the techniques, stay organized, remember important steps and stay on track with your projects.

      Weekly Quilter’s Corner

Every Wednesday at 2pm ET we all hop on a call together on Zoom for a live Q&A.

Bring your quilting concerns, design dilemmas and pattern predicaments, and I’ll answer them live on the call. 

If you can’t make the call, submit your question beforehand and I’ll cover it in the Zoom session.  These calls are recorded and uploaded to the site. 

Quilting Guest Experts

We have regular guest presenters come into the Tribe and share their expertise. 

You can access the replays from past guests:

  • Jodi Robinson is modern quilter extraordinaire. In her class she that taught us different ways of using stencils.
  • Cindy Seitz-Krug is an expert quilter and teacher.In here class she taught us specialized techniques about grid work.

Quilters Groove Community 

Need an immediate answer? No problem! 
We have a thriving and welcoming community on Facebook - exclusively for members of QG Creative Design Society! 
I'm on hand to answer your questions and concerns. 
But you also get support and advice from all the amazing tribe members who love to contribute their wisdom and support!


What to Expect When you Join

When you join you get immediate access to the entire library of video tutorials, workshops and resources. 

Inside the library are 100+ videos organized into an easy-to-navigate system (with more added every month). 

Access your content 24/7 from the convenience of  your own online portal. 

Here are some examples of the tutorials waiting for you 

  • Breaking Down Borders - explore new techniques and design elements to create quilts that are truly unique and one-of-a-kind.
  • Building Blocks - a comprehensive tutorial that teaches the foundational skills needed to create a wide range of quilt blocks and designs. 
  • Mini Wholecloths - learn how to create decorative wholecloth quilts for a quick and satisfying project.


      IS QG Creative Design Society FOR ME?

      YES, YES, AND YES! Whether you are a beginner, advanced beginner, or intermediate quilter here’s why we are perfect for you!

      The beginner quilter

      Inside the online portal are dozens of videos and resources to kick-start your quilting journey.Each video takes you step-by-step through techniques and concepts that are new for you.

      The Intermediate Quilter

      Got some quilting skills but are looking to take it up a notch?Inside Tribe you’ll find plenty of resources to help you refine and tweak your existing skills You’ll also find new techniques to learn and soak up!
      The Advanced Quilter As an advanced quilter, you tend to stay in your own lane. It’s easy to get comfortable doing what you know you’re good at. But if you’re ready for a new challenge - there are lots of new techniques for you to find and master. Try something different, and explore new possibilities

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      What Happens After I Sign Up?

      When you join the membership you get immediate access to the platform - so you can dig in straight away!

      You’ll also be emailed a ‘secret phrase’ to let you into our Facebook community when you join the Full Creative Design Society. 

      How Do I Keep Track Of All The Events?

      Design Decision Dilemma:

      You will be emailed each week with a reminder that your new design video is ready for you to view. 

      Creative Design Society:

      At the beginning of each month you get an email letting you know what new content is ready for you. 

      You’ll also get reminder emails with the Zoom link for calls and the Q&A sessions. 

      Every Thursday you get an email letting you know your Design Decision Dilemma is up and ready for you!

      Can I cancel my membership?

      You can cancel your membership anytime.

      When you cancel, you’ll have access to all the resources for the rest of that particular billing cycle (whether that’s monthly or annual).

      We don’t offer refunds or partial refunds for cancellations part-way through a billing cycle.

      What if I can’t make the Zoom calls?

      All calls are recorded. You can submit your questions and I’ll answer them on the call. Then…you simply catch the replay!

      What if I don’t have a computer?

      The online portal works on all devices - including phones and tablets.

      Will I miss out on anything if I’m not on Facebook?

      All of the content is housed on a platform that’s separate from Facebook. 

      This includes recordings of masterclasses, calls, guest expert sessions and weekly “Design Decision Dilemma”

      The community aspect is on Facebook though, so if you’re not on Facebook you won’t be able to join the group.

      I’ve been thinking of joining the Academy. Is the Creative Design Society a good fit for me?

      Yes! CDS is a great place for you to build up your confidence before joining the Academy.

      You’ll get access to a wide range of resources and support to enhance your quilting skills. 

      I’ve already done the Academy Program. Is Creative Design Society a good fit for me?

      Absolutely!  If you’ve completed the Academy, CDS  is the perfect place to get further support, more ideas and advanced techniques.

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