Longarm Business Summit


Longarm Business Building  Summit 

Only $79

Are you thinking about starting a longarm business?

Do you currently have a longarm business? 

This summit is for you! 

This summit was recorded live but we had such an amazing response, I wanted to make it available on demand!  Each video is about an hour and a half. You will have lifetime access to this course.  

Join me as we dive into the business side of longarming! 

Video 1:  ~ Let's figure out pricing.  Should you charge by the hour, per sq inch or a flat rate? How do you price out your all over designs/pantographs? What about computer designs, same as handguided or more or less? 

Video 2:  ~ Let's dive into pricing our custom work. From simple custom all the way to heirloom quilting to make sure you are making the $/hour you deserve

Video 3:  ~ Customer Connections - This is a big one... where are you going to get your customers, are you going to advertise, how are you going to communicate with them etc?  How are you going to accept their quilts? 

Video 4:  ~ Customer Connections continue.  Good communication can help minimize issues at quilt pick up.  Do you have a quilt intake form and if so, what do you have on it?  How do you discuss the quilting design? Choice of thread color? Batting? Common customer issues. 

Check out what out what others think! 

I joined the Longarm Business Building Summit because I realized the need to change my pricing. However, what I got out of it was soooo much more! I wish this had been in place when I first started my business. Not only did I learn how to adjust my pricing, but also got some really good input on customer relations and how to best handle problems that may arise. I also learned that my intake procedures could use an overhaul. What I saw as "keeping it simple" could actually cause complications down the road. I would highly recommend this program to both new and existing businesses. Great job Lisa! Thank you so much! Sandy Richard

Having a longarm just over a year, thoughts come to mind that this could possibly be a way to earn some additional income. With Lisa sharing her thoughts and participants also sharing theirs much insight was gleaned. Customer communications and expectations are main issues and Lisa's approach left me with eyes wide open. A very good thing. Lisa is caring and the perfect mentor to follow into a longarm business. Sandie Mulrooney

Thanks so much, Lisa for doing the Business Summit! I joined it because I'm trying to launch my longarm quilting business and am struggling to get it going. The summit was very helpful not only in getting your invaluable advise as a businesswoman and longarmer, but in hearing everyone else's experiences and questions. Definitely recommended for other longarm quilters! Sandra Hoyt

Only $79