Individual Insight! : Personal Quilt Coaching

Mastering the Mini

I'm sure you are like... what the heck... Individual Insight is a personal quilt coaching service.

 Do you have a special project that is sitting there waiting to be quilted?  Have you actually thought about hiring someone to quilt it for you but either don't have the funds or you're waiting til you have the skill to complete it yourself?  

Or maybe there is a particular skill you would like to learn but can't get to a class because of time or travel or Covid! 

Enter, ME!!!  I would love to walk you/ hold your hand through your special project and help you achieve all of your quilting goals!  Whether it is designing your own quilt, starting your own business, becoming more proficient at machine quilting.... whatever, your goal is.... I can help you achieve it from the comfort of your own home!  

I have been quilting since 1997 and have been a longarm quilter since 2003.  Teaching is a passion of mine and I have been lucky enough to do it nationally and internationally since 2006!  The look that a student gets in their eye when they realize that they have the skill and they "get it" is addictive to see!  I never tire of it!  So I thought I could help more people reach their quilting dreams with this new venture!  

So what do you think??  Are you ready to invest a little into YOU!! Is there something that you wanted to tackle yet feel you aren't quite ready?  Do you dream of creating a show piece? Whatever your quilting goals/dreams are... I can help!  click here for all the details!  

Hula Hibiscus  AQS DesMoines 2010 BEST of SHOW, PANQE 2010 BEST OF SHOW