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Quilter's Groove® Tribe OPEN!!

Membership Now Open! 

Closes on Aug 10th! 
To join click on the link above.
The Quilter’s Groove Tribe has been created to boost your quilting confidence and skills!The ultimate goal is to allow any quilter to gain the techniques and knowledge desired to transform all UFO’s (unfinished objects), regardless of style, into a unique and beautiful piece of art. Imagine taking that once called “UFO” and giving life to an “OMG”!
Open enrollment for this monthly membership occurs only twice a year. So mark your calendars NOW for August and February. Availability is limited, so don’t miss out!
We all are in different stages of our quilting journey and Quilter’s Groove Tribe has given that great thought. The purpose of this tribe is to nurture growth for each and every member. We have created stages, listed below, that allows members to select the perfect starting point.
Stage 1: Beginner Quilty Peep
Members have just entered the machine quilting arena, or have been engaged in quilting for a short period of time.
Stage 2: Intermediate Beginner Quilty Peep
Members are comfortable with the techniques of all over designs and freehand. These members are ready to implement blocks and simple ruler work.
Stage 3: Advanced Beginner Quilty Peep
Members are ready to tackle complex block designs, and those projects that require the quilter to take the concept of piecing into consideration.
Stage 4: Intermediate Quilty Peep
Members have conquered individual block designs and are eager to challenge themselves further by attacking ruler work.
Stage 5: Advanced Intermediate Quilty Peep
Members have mastered ruler work, and are ready to merge all quilting techniques as their final goal.
What does this membership include?
Members will receive two pieces of content each month. Monthly content will be presented in the form of videos, and/or PDF’s. In addition, each month, members will participate in a Zoom/FB question and answer session. This provides every member with the opportunity to discuss and ask, any and all, quilting concerns they are encountering.
What if I can’t wait for the monthly Zoom/FB session?
Need an immediate answer? No problem! Quilters Groove Tribe hosts a private Facebook community. Members will receive responses not only from Lisa, but also from all the amazing tribe members who would like to contribute their wisdom and support!
Is Quilter’s Groove Tribe for Me?
Whether you are a beginner, advanced, or intermediate quilter; here’s why we are perfect for you!
The Beginner Quilting: Can I get a heck yeah?!! Members will discover an array of fabulous videos. Each video reveals the steps needed to walk participants through techniques and concepts that are new to them.
The Advanced beginner: There’s always room for improvement. Members will refine skills they find in need of a little tweaking. Or, perhaps they are seeking new skills; members will see that soaking up new techniques will prove plentiful here!
The Intermediate: Say no more, Quilter’s Groove Tribe has a passion, and special love for teaching design! You need to look no further, this is perfect for you.
Regardless of whether you’re a beginner, advanced, or intermediate, Quilter’s Groove® Tribe is eager to embrace the quilter in everyone. There’s no doubt you will find personal, and professional growth among this unique community of fully engaged quilters.
To join, click on the link above.
Currently, the content is on our private Facebook group. Our new site will be ready in a couple of weeks.