Quilter's Groove TRIBE Testimonials

What are people saying about QG Creative Design Society??? 

(previously QG TRIBE)

The Tribe has been amazing and continues to grow with
amazing quilters. Private groups take a lot of time in
creating excellent fresh content and Lisa continues to
deliver month after month. This group is essential for
new quilters and also let’s more experience quilts share
their journey and new ideas. Thanks Lisa for this group
and all your hard work! - Janis Devitto


I have gotten so much out of TheTribe. My biggest challenge is always design. Lisa has helped me to look at a quilt and begin to understand how to break it down to come up with ideas. I don’t feel like I am copying her, “my quilts talk to me!” A side note, I was having technical problems with the site (totally my fault). I emailed Lisa and she promptly got back with me then followed up to ge sure I was able to get on the site.
Will definitely sign up for another year. ~ Sheila Odell
I appreciate your compassion, transparency, and humor. And my quilting has improved tremendously just from what I've learned in Tribe. I enjoy quilting, and specifically with rulers, so much more. You have expanded my world. Thank you so much!!! Cathy Troup
Thank you. I was not aware of the fact when I signed up for all of this, that there was going to be the wealth of information that you have provided on that platform. Every time I click on a button I find something new and I say, holy crow, you know, I had no idea. When you look at a monetary investment and you think, well what am I going to get for my money and is there gonna be bang for my buck? Yeah, it's, I mean it's like fireworks. Oh. And that because there has been so much stuff there that even though I might not be stitching it out, my machine, I'm watching it and just trying to absorb as much as I can. Thank you. Marlene