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Lisa H Calle

Anything But Junk: Trunk Tell ALL!

Anything But Junk: Trunk Tell ALL!

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Grab a cup of coffee or better yet, a glass of wine and spend a little time with Lisa Calle, the Bernina Ambassador and Award Winning quilter! With her humor and down to earth attitude she will share with you her personal and professional journey of quilting. Lisa illustrates how she has earned renowned success from her initial piece using a “3/8” seam allowance, to her latest quilt that won awards at the Houston International Quilt Festival. As you gain insight on Lisa’s amazing craft and her 3 step Divide and Design method any hesitation you have regarding the patience or talent for quilting will quickly disappear. So if you doubt whether or not you can quilt with pride, Lisa will give you the confidence and knowledge needed to start. The world of quilting can be yours too!


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