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Lisa H Calle

Perfect Plumes! : The Basics-

Perfect Plumes! : The Basics-

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*stitching videos were done on a domestic machine but this is the same method I use to teach longarm quilters*

Does the idea of quilting “Feathers” bring the words “complex, and unattainable” to the forefront of your thoughts? Do you consider the ability to create soft, rounded shapes with appealing angles and spines an advanced skill? Well, you couldn’t be further from the feathering truth! Step into this amazing class as Lisa’s passion for feathers will remove all your misconceptions and apprehension; putting all your feathering fears to rest! This truly is a MUST for anyone yearning to apply these beautiful designs to their quilts! Lisa will guide you with her step by step method that actually trains you to produce perfectly shaped feathers for the various shaped blocks in your quilt. Stop holding yourself back and embrace the ability to incorporate feathers into your next design! Not only will you be thrilled to witness your quilting advance to the next level; more importantly you will wave, “Goodbye” to thoughts of feathers being “complex, and unattainable” and shout “Hello” to implementing these beauties into future pieces!


Supplies needed:

domestic sewing machine in good working order

New needles- I like 80/12 embroidery needles

tracing paper

a couple of sketch pads

mechanical pencil

(20) 12" x 12" quilt sandwiches for practicing

Good quality thread

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